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Childrens | Cartoons: WORZEL GUMMIDGE - 82239


(Originally transmitted December 13th 1980 – Series three, Episode 7)
Mr Shepard is going on a barge holiday and decides to take his Aunt Sally with him in the hope of selling her to a museum. When Worzel finds out, he stows away on the trip, to save Aunt Sally from her fate.
When they reach the boatyard, Worzel meets his old friend Saucy Nancy (Barbara Windsor), who still has a soft spot for him and, inevitably, she and Aunt Sally end up quarrelling over him.

(Originally transmitted December 20th 1980 – Series three Episode 8)
Worzel is lent to the vicar for the graveyard. In the church, the vicar has taken on a new chorister, Aunt Sally. She sneaks off once the singing begins and, as she runs through the graveyard in her white choristers gown, she terrifies Worzel.
Meanwhile, back in the church, Mr Peters loses his voice and. When the vicar spots a worried Worzel, he is roped in to fill the gap. However, disaster strikes during the harvest festival service.

(Originally transmitted October 31st 1981 – Series four – Episode 1)
A baby show in the village hall prompts Worzel to wonder about his own mother and the crowman reveals that ‘technically’ Worzel’s mum is Sarah Pigswill (Beryl Reid), A scarecrow in a field close to Scatterbrook Farm.
Mother and son meet up… but the tea Sarah prepares for Worzel is not what he bargained for.

Starring Jon Pertwee as Worzel Gummidge.

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