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Reggae | Ska: TOY DOLLS: DORKMANIA - 4723435


1. Back in ‘79
2. Bitten By A Bed Bug
3. Spiders In The Dressing Room
4. Nellie The Elephant
5. Dig That Groove Baby
6. Modern Schools Of Motoring
7. We’re Mad
8. Florence Is Deaf (But There’s No Need To Shout)
9. Harry Cross (A Tribute To Edna)
10. Idle Gossip
11. When You’re Jimmy Saville
12. My Wife’s A Psychopath
13. I’m A Telly Addict
14. Yul Bryner Was A Skinhead
15. Fisticuffs In Frederick Street
16. Davids XR2
17. Living La Vida Loca
18. Dorkmania
19. One More Megabyte
20. Ron Dixon Dumped DD

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