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Horror | Thriller: THE MONSTER MAN - 82602

In the not-too-distant future, 2210, a killing plague is let loose on an unsuspecting world, that saw it coming...
...in the end, only one man and one woman survived. The new Adam and Eve? No, their names are Jake and Katherine...
...A ham-fisted alien menace has now invaded the newly deserted Earth, led by the gluttonous Lord Gideon, who it turns out was responsible for the killing plague that swept all of mankind into the gutter...
...realising that human still exist on his newly acquired planet, Lord Gideon send his ninja minions to destroy Jake and Katherine...
...will they survive and come back for a sequel? Or will they perish under the sneakered heels of the cross-eyed alien menace?

Run Time: 96 minutes
Barcode: 4006408826026

Our Price:$11.50