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Comedy DVD: THE MAN SHOW - KAL2179


THE MAN SHOW is an American phenomenon. Airing for six seasons on US TV it was a huge ratings winner and made stars of its original hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla. Through a mixture of sketches and features, the show’s unapologetically chauvinistic approach looks at the issues that really matter to the modern man; beer and girls. Now two of the most popular segments of the show have been compiled onto one DVD for an hour of continuous laughs.
HOUSEHOLD HINTS FROM ADULT FILM STARS depicts the silver screen’s most renowned dirty girls in a more domestic setting. Whether learning how to polish silver candlestick holders, keeping the sheets on the bed or fixing the toilet, these sexy starlets could keep the attention of even the most distracted do-it-yourselfer. As a bonus at the end we’ve added some real star power with Cindy Crawford’s Bathroom Talk.

THE MAN SHOW BOY emerged as a crowd favourite ‘Man on the Street’, despite Aaron being only 13 years old. Armed with a quick wit, smart-ass remarks and appearing to be younger than his 13 years, Aaron makes people look and think twice before responding to him. Selling beer on the street corner, using a fake ID to buy beer and porn, or even offering to help old ladies cross the street turn into major headaches for his targets. Intercut with a generous smattering of ever popular girls on trampolines the Man Show Boy is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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