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BREAKING THE BROKER (Series 6, Episode 7)
Tinker is forced by Sgt. Pulver to set up Lovejoy. Apparently, the police want someone to find out who is smuggling valuable religious antiques out of Poland and selling them in England. Lovejoy hears about the wealthy pawnbroker, Adam Bailey. To Pulver's horror, Bailey wants Lovejoy to help him on a scheme which will make both of them very rich indeed. Lovejoy has no intention of turning Bailey over to the police believeing him to be a charming family man. But first Charlotte then Tinker reveal a very different side to the astute businessman.

FRUIT OF THE DESERT (Series 6, Episode 8)
Lovejoy learns of a retired diplomat who has some antiques to sell. Now the diplomat, Harold Plumb, wants to sell them quickly and privately for the giveaway price of $100,000 to secure his retirement. Lovejoy borrows money from a notorious loanshark criminal against the security of his daughter's apartment. Sure enough, the deal goes horribly wrong and Lovejoy has to invent the most outrageous scam of his life otherwise his daughter will be turned onto the streets.

HOLDING THE BABY (Series 6, Episode 9)
Lovejoy discovers a rare and valuable nineteenth century dresser in a rundown house. He buys it for $65 but discovers that when it is restored it will be worth up to $20,000. Charlotte, who has agreed to look after a friends baby for a few days, findsthat she is lumbered with him for a week, during the course of which she has to drive down to London and go into a high powered meeting with a baby. Now Lovejoy has lost Charlotte; the baby and the cabinet. Desperate remedies are called for.

LAST TANGO IN LAVENHAM (Series 6, Episode 10)
A Helicopter lands on the lawn of Felsham Hall which the banks are trying to sell. Love joins meets the the prospective owner to whom he takes an imnstant dislike. Lady jane Felsham is back and Lovejoy is convinced she's back for him. It's all going to be wonderful - Janey has returned to buy the Hall and they'll be up to their old tricks again - the two of them and Tinker and Eric - oh yes and Charlotte and Beth too. But it isn't going to be like that and deep down Lovejoy knows it. Everyone can hear the sound of wedding bells - but for whom do they toll?

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