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During a period of over 40 years Jacques Cousteau crossed the world many times over in their ships, the Calypso and the Alcyone, filming the undersea world as never seen before to create a unique collection of entertaining and informative films for the whole family.
Since 1943 when he and Emile Gagnan developed the first regulated compressed-air breathing device for deep sea diving (the Aqualung), until his death in 1997, Captain Cousteau was a leading spokesman for the protection of the underwater world and the global environment.
Born in France in 1910, Cousteau first started filming in 1951, when he perfected the first underwater camera equipment. The films his team made constitute a unique record of the marine environment, introducing millions of people across the planet to the marvels of the undersea world and the importance of protecting it.
Filmed between 1977 and 1981, THE JACQUES COUSTEAU ODYSSEY is a 3 DISC BOX SET which includes Calypso's search for the lost island of Atlantis, and leads to a quest to save the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas and the Nile river from ecological disaster. It was an Odyssey worthy of the most imaginative mythological explorations, taking viewers from lost civilizations to new-found Greek relics, uncovering beautiful underwater sanctuaries and bizarre bioluminescent fish in the deepest, darkest and most silent recesses of the ocean.
This is the complete original 12 episode series on three discs.

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