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General Interest: TEN EASY WAYS TO STAY YOUNG - 94851

There has never been a time, throughout history when people haven’t been searching for the secret of eternal youth, and as the quest goes on, medical advances and technological breakthroughs have certainly improved everyone’s chances of staying more youthful for longer.

However, the best way to stay young has to be in mind and body, and this extremely down to earth guide is full of top tips for making the best of what nature has endowed you with, using well thought out strategies to resist the ravages of time.

The Ten Ways to Stay Young covered in this programme are: Relaxation, Exercise, Healthy Eating, Striking a Work/Life Balance, Getting Away From it All, A Place to Call Home, Happiness, Good Fashion Sense, Skin Care, Make-up and Hair, and last but not least, Memories to Treasure. Each section offers a practical perspective on these much discussed topics, that basically, the majority of us are aware of, but not necessarily sure how to incorporate into our day-to-day lives.

So, if you’d like to discover a more youthful you, take a closer look, because the secret of looking younger really does come from within, and advocating throughout only a healthier and happier approach to everything from exercise to storage solutions, there truly is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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