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New Age | Relaxation: TAI CHI - 82703

TAI CHI - 82703
With stress levels growing daily and western medicine struggling to find long-term remedies for everyday ailments caused by pressure and tension, more and more people are looking east in search of more holistic treatments. Tai Chi, the ancient Chinese Martial Art, may not spring instantly to mind as a health therapy for the ills of our frenetic, modern 21st Century lives, but it has a valuable role to play when it comes to calming and nurturing mind, body and soul.

This programme has been designed as a first step towards discovering the many benefits of Tai Chi, exploring the physical movements and the deep-seated philosophy that really can improve everybody's quality of life. You don't need to be an expert to enjoy Tai Chi, and whatever level you reach, it will help co-ordination and balance, develop flexibility, increase suppleness, sharpen up the mind and above all else promote a feeling of calm and well-being that will help you cope with whatever life may have in store.

Run Time: 55 minutes

Our Price:$11.20