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Ballroom Dancing: STEP BY STEP - 86214

STEP BY STEP - 86214

Triple twinkles, sweeping steps, rising limbs, graceful turns. Sound like fun? Then itís time to learn how to do the Waltz, a very popular and elegant dance. Guided by the detailed instruction of dance experts Donald Johnson and Kasia Kozak, you will learn the different elements that make up the waltz. With determination and a little effort, you will be whirling about the dance floor in no time.

A foundation for all other dances, the Foxtrot is a very popular dance that includes elements found in most other types of dancing. It is also the easiest dance to learn. With the careful instruction of Dance Vision's own Donald Johnson and Kasia Kozak, you will become a master of the Foxtrot, making your way across the dance floor with your partner in style.

Exotic rhythms. Swelling and sometimes syncopated music. Pent up passions. Sublime partnerships. Domination and submission. Such is the allure of the Tango. You too can join this mystical world by learning the basics of the dance that has charmed millions. With careful, step by step instruction by Dance Visionís own Donald Johnson and Kasia Kozak, you will slowly learn some of the different elements that make up American style Tango and find yourself with a new appreciation of such a romantic dance.

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