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Horror | Thriller: SEX & THE OTHER MAN - SPE8057

Bill (Ron Eldard "SLEEPER," "SCENT OF A WOMAN," "TRUE LOVE," TV's "E.R") and his girlfriend Jessica (Kari Wuhrer "THE CROSSING GUARD," "HIGHER LEARNING," popular MTV V-jay) live together in a New York city apartment. Theirs is a strange relationship - while they lust for each other, they have not made love in nearly six months, as Bill has not been physically up to the task.

Things are made more complex when Bill comes home one night unexpectedly, and discovers Jessica entangled in a passionate embrace with Arthur (Stanley Tucci "BIG NIGHT," "THE PELICAN BRIEF," "IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU," TV's "MURDER ONE"), her boss.

When Arthur tries to leave, Bill knocks him out; and when he regains consciousness, he finds that his hands and feet have been tied to a chair.With his adrenaline pumping not only to his heart, Bill is finally able to make love to Jessica for the first time in six months, while the helpless and embarrassed Arthur watches.

Bill blackmails Arthur with the photos he took of Arthur and Jessica, caught in "the act." Bill forces his captive to write him a cheque so he can buy himself a cruise boat, and explains that he will have to remain his prisoner until the cheque can be cashed on Monday. In the meantime, he must be the catalyst and watch Bill and Jessica make love.

And so this unforgettable weekend begins: two days and three nights in which three lives become inextricably tangled.

For Arthur, a mild office flirtation has turned into a nightmare. His captor is at times threatening, and then concilitory. And he still lusts for Jessica. As for Jessica, she gets a perverse pleasure out of making love in front of their captive, and yet feels compassion for her ernstwhile boss and even grows to like him.

And then there is Bill himself. He is in control of Arthur and can make love to Jessica.

Each one is affected by the other and no one will be the same come Monday morning.

Run Time: 86 Minutes
Barcode: 5060033280577

Our Price:$7.70