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New Age | Relaxation: REFLEXOLOGY - 82546

With modern day life getting ever more stressful, therapeutic treatments that promote health and well-being are becoming increasingly accepted as a valuable part of 21st Century living. One of the most popular therapies on offer is Reflexology, and although the majority of people are aware that it concerns the feet, it can still seem a little mysterious.

This programme has been designed to give you an insight into this very valuable health care option, not only explaining how it works, but also demonstrating ways in which it can be incorporated into everyday life. With the help of an experienced Reflexologist you'll discover precisely what happens if you go for professional treatment, with a close up and personal view of what goes on. Whether you suffer with anything from insomnia to arthritis, or simply lack the energy you require to cope with a hectic and stressful lifestyle, Reflexology really can help, and this programme is the perfect introduction to this remarkable and effective form of natural healing.

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