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Music | Musicals: WOMEN OF COUNTRY MUSIC - IMM940351


Women of country music as they never were before: sexy, urbane, elegant. From Shania Twain’s stylish videos of the 1990’s, to Carrie Underwood’s recent country-music storytelling, to the heat generated not only by Carrie and Shania but also by Sara Evans, Faith Hill, Martina McBride in both music video and exciting live performance, this collection dazzles with sheer glamour.

Standout hits include Shania’s “Still The One,” and “Forever And For Always,” Faith’s “Breathe,” and “Cry,” Carrie’s “Just A Dream,’ and “Before He Cheats,” Martina’s “Concrete Angel,” and “Wher Would You Be,” Sara’s “Cheatin’” and “No Place That Far,” – plus so many more. And these videos and televised concert appearances reveal a rich multitude of moods, styles and approaches to bringing modern female divahood to the traditions of country music.

Special moments include intriguing covers, reflecting on an earlier generation of country women: Shania’s live “Coat Of Many Colors” (with Dolly Parton looking on), and Martina’s version of the Tammy Wynette hit “Till I Can Make It On My Own.” The Whole collection, too, mixes old-school country sincerity with glamour of the most contemporary kind.

Carrie Underwood:
1. Jesus, Take The Wheel
2. Don’t Forget To Remember Me
3. Before He Cheats
4. So Small
5. Just A Dream
6. Last Name

Faith Hill:
7. Breathe
8. This Kiss
9. Let Me Let Go
10. Let’s Go To Vegas
11. Cry
12. Take Me As I Am
13. You Lie

Martina McBride:
14. Valentine
15. Where Would You Be
16. Concrete Angel
17. How I Feel
18. How Far
19. House Of A Thousand Dreams
20. ‘Til I Can Make It My Own Way
21. Anyway

Sara Evans:
22. A Real Fine Place To Start
23. No Place That Far
24. Born To Fly
25. Cheatin’
26. Fool, I’m A Woman
27. As If
28. I Could Not Ask For More

Shania Twain:
29. You’re Still The One
30. Any Man Of Mine
31. From This Moment On
32. (If You’re Not In It For Love) I’m Outta Here!
33. Coat Of Many Colors
34. I Ain’t No Quitter
35. Forever And For Always

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