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Military | War: TRUE STORIES OF WW2 - GOHC6926


During the summer of 1940, the world held its breath and watched, as the British RAF and German Luftwaffe were locked in a battle to the death. It lasted 114 days, took down almost 3,000 aircraft, killed or wounded 3,800 aircrew and lead to the death of over 30,000 civilians. The German Nazi war machine had conquered all in its path, only Britain stood in its way to total European domination. The story of this historic battle is told using cutting-edge technology, unique archive film, re-eneactments and extraordinary interviews with the men who were there.

This gripping documentary relives one of the most daring missions of the war. Known as Operation Chastise, the objective was for Lancaster Bombers of 617 Squadron to fly at an incredibly dangerous altitude of just 60-feet over enemy airspace in order to drop their bombs on the German Ruhr River Dams… at night! Their specialised payloads were designed to skip across the water’s surface before striking their targets. It was an audacious plan and of the nineteen bombers that departed in the hours of darkness on the 16th and 17th of May, 1943, eight never returned home. However, the overall mission was a success and greatly disrupted the Nazi war effort.

They were sent to attack warships and heavily defended ports in collapsible, two-man canoes. Armed with limpet mines and other contact explosives, they were detailed undetected in hostile waters, delivering their deadly payloads to the heart of the enemy. Military historians reveal how Royal Marine “Blondie” Hasler developed the programme when he was ordered to stop the flow of German blockade runners into Nazi-controlled ports. Talking with survivors, this unique programme offers an intimate look at what it was like to participate in these death-defying missions.

During WWII the germans considered P.O.W. camp Stalag Luft III to be escape proof. However, it was to be the setting for one of the most famous escapes of the war. The plan was to free 200 officers via three massive tunnels codenamed Tom, Dick & Harry. The efforts of the 600 courageous men involved were immortalised in the 1963 film ‘The Great Escape’, but the reality of the escape was even more dramatic than any scriptwriter could have imagined. This and other incredible escape stories of WWII reveal a chronicle of hope, ingenuity, courage and survival.

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