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Scotland | Wales: JIMMY SHAND AT HIS BEST - CD6739


1. The Bluebell Polka
2. The Red House Reel / Persian Dance
3. Set Of Strathspeys: Lord Lyndoch / The Duke Of Gordon / Laird O’Thrums / Lady Ann Hope
4. Strathglass House: Mrs Muir MacKenzie’s Favourite / Mr Sharpe Of Haddom / Fiddler’s Joy
5. Gaelic Waltz Medley: My Home / Fairy Lullaby / The Tockerlass / Praise Of Islay
6. Dashing White Sergeant
7. McNamara’s Two Step: McNamara’s Band / Mademoiselle From Armentieres / The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo
8. De’il Amang The Tailors: De’il Amang The Tailors / Lucky Scaup / Mason’ Apron
9. Off She Goes In The North: Mrs Seller’s Favourite / Heather Hills / Mrs Blair’s Jig
10. The Primrose Polka
11. MacDonald Of Sleat / Dovecote Park
12. The Northern Lights Of Aberdeen (The Buchan Waltz)
13. The Gay Gordons: The Dundee Military Tatoo / 25th Kings Own Scottish Borderer’s Farewell To Meerut
14. Waltzing To Jimmy Shand: My Bonnie / Won’t You Buy Me Pretty Flowers / Peggy O’Neill / Till We Meet Again / Wyoming Lullaby
15. Whistling Rufus
16. Memories Of Robert Burns – The Marches: The Barley Bree / Mary Morison / O’ A’ The Airts / There Was A Lad Born In Kyle
17. Memories Of Robert Burns - The Waltzes: Whistle O’er The Lave O’t / My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose / A Man’s A Man For A’That / Ye Banks And Braes
18. Scottish Country Dances : A Rosebud By My Early Walk / I Lo’ed Nae A Lassie But Ane / Loch Rannoch
19. Irish Jigs: The Donnybrook Boy / Biddy From Sligo / The Irish Washerwoman
20. Sing In The New Year – Part 1: Loch Lomond / I Belong To Glasgow / My Bonnie / Roaming In The Gloaming / I Loved A Lassie / Stock Your Tickling Jock / Just A Wee Deoch And Doris
21. Sing In The New Year – Part 2: Scotland The Brave / Uist Tramping Song / We’re No Awa’ To Bide Awa’ / A Guid New Year / Auld Lang Syne

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