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Classic biker movie, in which Marlon Brando famously responds to the question, ‘What are you rebelling against?” with the retort, ‘What d’ya got?’. A gang of motorcyclists, led by rebellious Johnny (Marlon Brando), ride into a small California town and terrorise the inhabitants. Johnny falls for the local cop’s daughter (Mary Murphy), but a rival in his gang (Lee Marvin) and the hostility of the townspeople create too many tensions for anything but a violent climax. Based on the story ‘The cyclists’ Raid’ by Frank Rodney.

Nominated for 10 Oscars and winning 4, this is abeautifully portrayed film which depicts the racism on both sides at the time of the Korean conflict. Marlon Brando is and army officer who falls for a Japanese dancer and faces fierce opposition from the American and Japanese authorities when he wants to marry her. Major Lloyd Gruver (Marlon Brando), a Korean war Flying Ace reassigned to Japan, staunchly supports the military’s opposition to marriages between American troops and Japanese women. But that’s before Gruver experiences a love that changes his own deeply set prejudices, and plunges him into conflict with the U.S. Air Force and Japan’s own cultural taboos.

Disturbed Blanche Dubois moves in with her sister in New Orleans and is tormented by her brutish brother-in-law while her reality crumbles around her. Elia Kazan’s screen adaptation of Tennesse Williams’ successful play. Blanche Dubois (Vivien Leigh) travels to New Orleans to visit her pregnant sister, Stella (Kim Hunter). Stella’s husband, Stanley (Marlon Brando), resents Blanche’s presence, and is unhappy when she begins seeing his friend, Mitch (Karl Malden). The tension between Blanche and Stanley builds, reaching its climax when Stella is taken to hospital and the pair are left alone together. The film won four Academy Awards, including Best Actress, Supporting Actress and Supporting Actor.

Running from the law after a bank robbery in Mexico, Dad Longworth finds an opportunity to take the stolen gold and leave his partner Rio to be captured. Years later, Rio escapes from the prison where he has been since, and hunts down Dad for revenge. Dad is now a respectable Sheriff in California, and has been living in fear of Rio’s return. This is Brando’s only directorial film, a position he took somewhat reluctantly replcing Stanley Kubrick after an early shooting.

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