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Cars & Motorcycles: CLASSIC CARS: VAUXHALL - 96335


As one of the most long-standing and successful motor companies Britain has ever known, Vauxhall, alongside other great names of the car industry, makes up the foundation of the nationís unique motoring heritage. Vauxhall has produced a plethora of models, ranging from military transport and sports cars, to family and commercial vehicles, and in this programme we explore a handful of their most celebrated models.

A fine example of a Vauxhall 14 opens the programme, closely followed by the epitome of elegance and post-war chic, the Velox. Next to be featured is a 1948 model J type, followed by the trailblazing Vauxhall 10. Originally priced at £168, this car helped bring the open road to the British post-war family, due to Vauxhallís reduced production costs, and the companyís wise decision to pass the savings onto the consumer.

A white VX490 is next to be shown, and can only be described as a true 1960s machine.

It is followed by a red 1924 Vauxhall 30/98, a show-stopper and a head turner, in real lifeand on the small screen, which brings this gala performance from one of Britainís best loved marques to a finale."

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