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History Of Warfare: THE ARMADA 1588 - CROMDVD1073


'We have time to finish this game and beat the Spaniards too' Infuriated by English support for the revolt in the Netherlands and Sir Francis Drake's 'beardsingeing' operation at the harbour of Cadiz, Philip II built a huge armada to embark upon his 'enterprise of England'. It would prove to be a humiliating disaster, ruined and defeated by a combination of superior English seamanship and appalling weather. 'The Armada 1588' is the fascinating story of one of maritime history's greatest battles. Atmospheric reconstructions and re-enactments, period imagery and computer graphics combine for a vivid depiction of this epic naval encounter. Also included is footage from aboard the 'Golden Hind' and at the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth, and analysis from a team of top experts including author John Tincey. Narrated by John Nolan

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