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Military | War: THE GREEN DEVILS (1942-45) - AR012D

THE GREEN DEVILS (1942-45) - AR012D

The Green Devils were the 'Fallschirmjaeger' (paratrooper) arm of the Luftwaffe and were to see extensive service in both air-dropped and ground roles, through to the war's end in 1945. However, by 1942, fated by Hitler's judgement that the days of large paratrooper operations had already passed, the Green Devils were to see out the rest of the war serving primarily as elite ground troops. This programme shows their operations in North Africa through to East Prussia and the borders of Germany in 1944-45, as well as in the theatres of Italy and Normandy. It also includes operations by paratroopers in the East where they are seen taking on Soviet T-34s using 'Panzerschreck' anti-tank weapons and on the borders of Germany in the opening months of 1945.

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