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Live DVD: INXS: LIVE IN GERMANY 1984 - IMM940193

Classic, irresistible 80ís rock Ė INXS, in all its brooding, danceable glory. This concert from 1984, in Hamburg, Germany, captures a benchmark moment in pop history, when INXS brought New Wave, ska, synth, and the charismatic lead singing of Michael Hutchence together in one of the most powerful live acts of the MTV generation.

Here, INXS is just on the verge of breaking out to international fame. Theyíre supporting the great album THE SWING, and big hits from that album are combined with the bandís fascinating earlier hits, less well-known to U.S. audiences but huge Down Under.

Hutchence gyrates, swivels and sweats, supported by the crack rhythm, keyboards, sax and guitars that made INXS one of the tightest and most ambitious bands of the early 80ís. Thet toured almost ceaselessly Ė and the amazing precision of their polyrhythmic style is overwhelming. A thrilling evening of great rock and roll.

1. Intro
2. To Look At You
3. Soul Mistake
4. Just Keep Walking
5. Face The Change
6. Melting In The Sun
7. Old World New World
8. The One Thing
9. Love Is (What I Say)
10. Janís Song
11. Dancing On The Jetty
12. Black And White
13. Spy Of Love
14. I Send A Message
15. Original Sin
16. Donít Change
17. Golden Playpen
18. The Swing
19. Stay Young
20. Wishy Washy
21. The Loved One

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