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‘The Everlasting Secret Family’ is a highly provocative and controversial drama, set in contemporary Australia and based on the story of the same title by Frank Moorhouse.

Rich with sexual nuance, the film deals with both the public and private lives of a prominent politician, played with great dignity by Arthur Dignam.

Publicly the senator is both a popular and powerful politician, happily married with a young son. Privately, he harbours deep sexual fantasies, which are played out throughout the drama.

The tone of this very original film is set as we watch young boys recruited from exclusive schools for the decadent purposes and pleasures of the world in which the senator and his friends privately live.

Drawn into this “secret family” is a young boy, fresh from school, portrayed by Mark Lee. At first flattered by the senator’s attentions, he is led deeper and deeper into this dark world, finally reaching a point of no return, where this sexually corrupt “family” becomes the only life he can ever know.

An enthralling story, the film provokes questions of power and morality, and explores the public and private distinctions of behavior and thought which we all maintain.

The cast of “The Everlasting Secret Family” features some of Australia’s most distinguished actors: Arthur Dignam, Mark Lee, Heather Mitchell, Dennis Miller and John Meillon as the Judge.

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