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Hit Club: THE HIT CLUB: 1969 - HCCD030

THE HIT CLUB: 1969 - HCCD030

1. Bad Moon Rising (J Fogerty)
2. Come Together (J Lennon/P McCartney)
3. Dizzy (T Roe/F Weller)
4. Get Back (J Lennon/P McCartney)
5. Give Peace A Chance (J Lennon/P McCartney)
6. He Ainít Heavy, Heís My Brother (Scott/Russell)
7. Honky Tonk Women (M Jagger/K Richards)
8. I Heard It Through The grapevine (N Whitfield/B Strong)
9. Iíll Never Fall In Love Again (B Bacharach/H David)
10. In The Ghetto (M Davis)
11. In The Year 2525 (Exordium & Terminus) (R Evans)
12. Pinball Wizard (P Townshend)
13. Reflections Of My Life (T McAleese/W Campbell)
14. Something (G Harrison)
15. Something In The Air (J Keen)
16. Sugar, Sugar (A Kim/J Barry)
17. Suspicious Minds (M James)
18. Wher Do You Go To, My Lovely (P Sarstedt)

All tracks are professional recreations and not renditions by the original artists.

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