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Hit Club: THE HIT CLUB: 1975 - HCCD036

THE HIT CLUB: 1975 - HCCD036

1. Bye Bye Baby (B Crewe/R Gaudio)
2. Feelings (M Albert)
3. Fox On The Run (M Tucker/B Connolly/A Scott/S Priest)
4. I Only Have Eyes For You (A Dubin/H Warren)
5. Iím Not In Love (G Gouldman/E Stewart)
6. Island Girl (E John/B Taupin)
7. Juniorís Farm (P McCartney/L McCartney)
8. Lady Marmalade (B Crewe/K Nolan)
9. Listen To What The Man Said (P McCartney/L McCartney)
10. Longfellow Seranade (N Diamond)
11. Love Will Keep Us Together (N Sedaka/H Greenfield)
12. Never can Say Goodbye (C Davis)
13. Nothing From Nothing (B Fisher/E Preston)
14. S.O.S. (B Ulvaeus/B Anderson/S Anderson)
15. Space Oddity (D Jones)
16. Tears On My Pillow (E Smith)
17. Thatís The Way (I Like It) (H Casey/R Finch)
18. You Ainít Seen Nothing Yet (R Bachman)

All tracks are professional recreations and not renditions by the original artists.

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