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Hit Club: THE HIT CLUB: 1992 - HCCD053

THE HIT CLUB: 1992 - HCCD053

1. Come As You Are (K Cobain)
2. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (E John/B Taupin)
3. Erotica (M Ciccone/S Pettibone)
4. Friday I'm In Love (R Smith/S Gallup/P Bamonte/P Thompson/B Williams)
5. Jump (J Dupri/L Bonner/B Gordy/M Jones/R Middlebrook/A Mizell/W Morrison/F Perren/M Pierce/D Richards/C Satchell)
6. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (B Dylan)
7. Let's Get Rocked (j Elliot/R Savage/P Collen/R Lange/S Clark)
8. One (A Clayton/P Hewson/D Evans/L Mullen)
9. Remember The Time (T Riley/M Jackson/B Bell)
10. Rhythm Is A Dancer (L Anzillotti/ T Austin/B Enitez)
11. Sleeping Satellite (t Archer/J Beck/J Hughes)
12. Smells Like Teen Spirit (K Cobain/D Grohl)
13. Stars (M Hucknall)
14. The One (b Taupin/E John)
15. Too Funky (G Michael)
16. Why (A Lennox)

All tracks are professional recreations and not renditions by the original artists.

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