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Military | War: D-DAY BEACHES - 82509


When the allied invasion forces landed on the Normandy beaches with first light on 6th June 1944, it was a new dawn for world history. This was D-Day and as the first French houses, towns and cities were liberated from German occupation, the tide of the war turned conclusively against the tyranny of Adolf Hitler.

Today the golden beaches of this region are popular tourist destinations, but you'll never travel very far along this coastline without finding some reminder of the events of D-Day. Join retired RAF Squadron Leader Colin Pomeroy to search out some of the most atmospheric memorials of the liberation of Normandy throughout the course of this programme. Walk along the beaches of Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword where so many brave men went before. Discover the hidden bunkers that the allies had to overcome and enjoy the stunning, now peaceful views that these vantage points now afford us, and of course last but not least take a moment to reflect at the truly remarkable War Cemeteries that commemorate those who lost their lives in the battle for Normandy.

For some there will be a family connection to the D-Day landings and an honoured few will have actually fought on the beaches themselves, but for the majority this programme will be an enlightening guide to one of the most important days in modern history. Whatever your interest, there is something here for everyone, celebrating the present day beauty of thelandscape that was once so scarred and ravaged by war.

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