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General Interest: HUSH! PUPPY - 82780

HUSH! PUPPY - 82780

'Hush! Puppy' is a 60 minute programme filmed especially to keep your dog calm and relaxed in the comfort of your own home.Whether you are away for long periods of time or just occasionally, worry no more. 'Hush! Puppy' will help your dog lie back and take life easy with their own relaxing meditation programme.

Ther are some excellent positive benefits for your dog as he watches 'Hush! Puppy.' It is vital therapy for dogs left at home who miss their owners... it's a chill pill for your pooch.

Help your dog imagine that they're bcak with their mother... out for gentle walks in the country side with their pack... playing games by the ocean or river with the sound of the water and the wind soothing their worries and calming their nerves. With 'Hush! Puupy' they never need be lonely again.

No animals were harmed or distressed in the making of this film.


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