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Comedy DVD: THE PLANK - SHO7165

Two workmen (Eric Sykes and Tommy Cooper) whose individual aptitude is nil and their mutual aptitude choatic, are employed laying floorboards of a house. The floor is completed except for the last plank, one of the workmen (Sykes) has sawn it up and used it for fuel in the fire place of the unfinished house. They set out to get a replacement plank from the local wood yard. This they intend to transport on the top of a small and battered old car. The plank, with a surprising independence for an inanimate object, becomes detached from the car, and the large workman (Cooper) goes on foot to retrieve it. This done, the two men and the plank start back to the house, leaving behind an avalanche of disorder.

Run Time: 45 minutes

Our Price:$7.70