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Action | Adventure: SCARLET THE BLACK - SHO7170

He led thousands in a daring escape to freedom... right under the nose of the Gestapo.

Academy Award-winning actor Gregory Peck perfectly embodies the courage and daring of a heroic priest defying the Nazis in this true story.

Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty (Gregory Peck) is the leader of an underground operation, which hides allied POWs from Germans occupying Rome during WWII. The chief of the Gestapo in Rome, Lieutenant Colonel Herbert Kapplar (Christopher Plummer), orders that the courageous priest is captured or killed if he is seen outside the protection of the Vatican Walls. Pope Pius XII (Sir John Gielgud), aware of O'Flaherty's activities, tries to maintain the Vatican Neutrality in his dealings with the Germans, but warns him that there is nothing the church can do if he is caught. When assassins move inside the Vatican and several of O'Flaherty's people are captured and tortured, there is an attempt on his own life. His days are numbered.

In a suspenseful race against time, he fights for his own life as he battles to keep over 4,000 refugees hidden around the city until Rome can be liberated from the Nazi's.

Run Time: 120 minutes

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