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Family: POLLYANNA - SHO7162

The heart-warming story of hope and happiness, based on the classic novel by Eleanor H Porter.

Set in 1913, Pollyanna is a timeless tale of a little girl, (Georgina Terry) who goes to live with her wealthy but bitter aunt (Amanda Burton), after the tragic death of of beloved father. Pollyanna's irrepressible enthusiasm for life brightens up the sleepy village of Beldingville, particularly when she shares with the inhabitants a game her father taught her - "The Glad Game" - in which everyone can find a silver lining in the darkest cloud.

With the help of her orphaned friend, Jimmy Bean, she casts her spell on the grumpiest townfolk of Beldingville including the bed-ridden Mrs Snow (Pam Ferris), the bitter Mr Pendleton (Kenneth Cranham) and the enigmatic Dr Clilton, and the mastermind the romance frozen by a love affair that went wrong many years before, who cannot bring herself to embrace Pollyanna's innocence and joy.

Then something so terible happens to Pollyanna that she finds nothing to be glad about. An accident leaves her paralysed - and suddenly, it is her Aunt who has the chance to give something back to Pollyanna. Can Polly overcome the ghosts of a past that haunts her to rediscover her lost love and secure the future happiness of a child who has become her life.

Pollyanna has been adapted for television by the man behind Carlton's award winning adaption of the Railway Children, Simon Nye.

Run Time: 98 minutes

Our Price:$15.30