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Childrens | Cartoons: PETER PAN - SUN9036


This enchanting tale is J M Barrie’s best known work. He originally wrote it as a theatre piece and it was first performed in London on December 27th 1904 at the Duke of York Theatre. Barrie reworked his text up until 1928 to produce alternative stage versions and the novel we know and love today.

The characters have seeped into our subconscious and become household names – the Darlings; Wendy, Michael and John and their nursemaid dog, Nana and Peter Pan, of course, who brings an air of pixie-like enchantment to the otherwise ordinary nursery setting. We thrill to their adventures in Never Land with the Lost Boys, of battling Captain Hook and his motley crew of pirates and of rescuing Tiger Lily, the Indian Chief’s daughter from his clutches. Tinkerbell’s jealousy of Wendy adds, perhaps, a more adult twist to the plot…


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