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Action | Adventure: MOBY DICK - BOUL0063

Herman Melville's towering epic of New England seafaring life pits crusty, obsessive Captain Ahad (Patrick Stewart) against his age-old nemisis, the great white whale, Moby Dick. Through the magic of digital effects, this story can finally be told in all its glory.

Ishmael (Henry Thomas), a young man seeking adventure, comes to nantucket on a blustery winter night to find work on a whaling ship. At the Spouter-Inn, he rooms with Queequeg, an immense Polynesian harpooner. At first he is frightened for his life, but Queequeg proves to be gentle and a true friend. Next morning, Ishmael and Queequeg get work on the Pequod. Mystery surrounds the start of their adventure. No one has seen Captain Ahad. There are rumours that he had a leg torn off by a vicious white whale. Despite his peg leg, he is a fiery presence and appears to be on the brink of madness as he insists the crew take part in his revengeful hunt for the great white whale, Moby Dick.

Later, a giant white squid is spotted. It's a sure sign that Moby Dick is near. Ahad rants to the rew about his desire to capture the whale and as he finishes his speech, there comes a whispered alarm: "There she blow." They have finally found the great white whale...

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