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Horror | Thriller: MASTERS OF HORROR COLLECTION - 86100


THE APE MAN (1943 – B&W – 69min)
Mad Scientist Dr. Brewster (Bella Lugosi), long thought dead, is actually working away in a basement laboratory on a serum derived from gorilla spinal fluid. Experimenting on himself, Dr. Brester is dismayed to discover that the injections have given him a bushy beard and begun to force his spine into a distinctly simian posture…
Directed by the infamous hack William Beaudine, THE APE MAN is a roaring success as a camp classic.

THE GHOUL (1934 – B&W – 75min)
This extremely rare Boris Karloff vehicle had been virtually unavailable in the US until recently. The film has been developed something of a “lost classic” reputation over time, when after years of searching a print was finally found in New York City in 1969. Karloff’s first British film casts him as Prof. Morlant, an eccentric English Egyptologist obsessed with the powers of the ancient Egyptian gods. On his deathbed he commands his servant, Laing, to bind the sacred jewel known as “The Eternal Light” to his hand, warning that if the jewel is stolen, he will return from the grave seeking revenge.

This Sci-Fi Horror classic features legendary cult figure Lon Chaney Jr. as the criminal brought back to life after being sent to the gas chamber for a number of murders. He is quickly back to his old ways, seeking revenge against those men responsible for sentencing him to death. Robert Shayne plays the scientist hoping to make a breakthrough with his experiments.

Includes introductions by Tony Curtis and bonus clips of the original theatrical trailers for Bela Lugosi’s “Dracula”, Boris Karloff’s “Frankenstein” and Lon Chaney Jr.’s “The Wolf Man.”

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