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New Age | Relaxation: INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE - 82549

When it comes to relaxation, people are becoming more and more imaginative as the stresses and strains of 21st Century life take their toll. There are many complimentary and alternative therapies to choose from, grounded in the traditions of the ancients, but few are quite as well suited for the classic problems caused by everyday tensions as Indian Head Massage.

This programme will take you on a journey of discovery, to find out for yourself what Indian Head Massage is all about. With the help of a very experienced practitioner not only will you be shown what to expect if you go along for an Indian Head Massage, you'll also get the chance to pick up plenty of helpful tips for using the most effective techniques from this wonderful therapy for your family, friends and even yourself. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy a taste of Indian serenity that might just change your perspective on health and happiness.

Run Time: 55 minutes

Our Price:$11.20