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New Age | Relaxation: EASY SHIATSU - 96017

In an age when the importance of a healthy lifestyle has never been more widely acknowledged, as we all learn to cope with the stresses and tensions of 21st Century life, there are many alternative and complimentary therapies available to help us in our quest for harmony and balance.

Some treatments, like Aromatherapy and Reflexology have become very well known, while others are gradually growing in popularity, and Shiatsu is definitely a case in point. Dating back more than 5,000 years, this treasure from the Far East, which literally means “finger pressure” is proving invaluable in the fight against modern day stresses and ailments. By improving the flow of energy through our bodies, a knowledge of Shiatsu can help with everything from back pain to sea sickness, and in Easy Shiatsu, you’ll find out how.

See what a Shiatsu treatment entails and discover the philosophy that can really offer a completely new outlook on life. And should you want to pick up some useful ideas about how to use Shiatsu to help a loved one, or even treat yourself, all will be revealed.

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