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Ballroom Dancing: DVDancing: ARGENTINE TANGO - GUDVD5287


The return to popularity of the Argentine Tango also represents a return to the roots of the dance, since it began in Argentina at the end of the nineteenth century. Several types of music had an influence on it, but the main influence was Milonga which drew its inspiration from Africa rhythms. This is why it is called ‘Tango Milonguero’. More and more people are now dancing Argentine Tango and they prefer it to the rather more staid dance enjoyed by our grandparents’ generation.

This programme has been devised by the qualified dance teacher, Marie Claude Martin, who specialises in Argentine and Milonga tangos. It enables both gentleman and lady to master the basic steps of the tango steps, as well as the most popular variations of this dance.

Each new step or variation is described in great detail, in terms of both the movements and the rhythm. The different steps are all shown initially in slow motion. This is followed by the same sequence without music, and the couple finally demonstrate in time to the music. As the steps are carried out the camera particularly highlights the steps of the gentleman and those of his partner.

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