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Drama: DILEMMA - 82520

DILEMMA - 82520
A little girl lies in a hospital dying of cancer. Death row inmate Rudy Salazar has the bone marrow that could save her life. The prisoner's sentence is eased to life without parole in exchange for a donation of his bone marrow, but there's one person who still wants to see him dead: Detective Quin (C. Thomas Howell), the maverick L.A. cop who brought Salazaar's murder spree to an end. When Salazaar disappears en route to the hospital and begins another reign of terror, Quin and a fellow LAPD officer set out to hunt him down but are under strict orders to keep him alive. The dilemma intensifies as they near their prey. Will Quin follow orders, or will he seek the ultimate vengeance

Run Time: 83 Minutes

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