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Horror | Thriller: COLD COMFORT - MSD1239

Delores has everything she wants for her birthday: a party, 18 glowing candles and Stephen, the handsome stranger who's more than a guest. He's present to keep Daddy's little girl happy. And he's a prisoner. From it's diabolical premise to it's disturding conclusion, Cold Comfort bristles with suspense, passion and danger of three people caught up in a madman's game. Stephen (Paul Gross) is the innocentvictim who finds himself an integral part of this nightmare, caught in the middle of a very disturbing Father-Daughter relationsdhip. Floyd (Maury Chaykin) a walking time bomb of twisted desires 'gives' Stephen to his beautiful daughter, then refuses to let him leave. As the story unfolds we discover this seemingly harmless simpleton is capable of raging temper tantrums leading to brutal violence. Between them is Delores (Margaret Langrick) the lonely teenager who longs for freedom from her isolated existance and Stephen's only hope for escape.

Run Time: 90 minutes

Our Price:$10.30