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Wildlife: BRITISH BIRD FEEDERS - 96047

For most people who develop an interest in birds in later life, the fascination usually originated in childhood feeding bread to garden birds, or ducks on the local pond. However, for ornithologists and garden birdwatchers alike feeding has become an altogether more sophisticated business, as we learn more about the various species of birds and what they like to eat, as well as technological advances in methods for offering everything from seeds and nuts to suet balls.

In this programme we’ll be featuring the top feeders, and whether you’re dangling them from an elaborate garden feeding station or a simple window box, the results will be astounding. With the added bonus of a run down as to what foods should be put in each type of feeder, we will all be able to increase the numbers of garden species wherever possible.br>
Whether there is concern over small birds choking on peanuts or worries about netting around suet balls causing injury, there is a bird feeder to allay any fears, and with plenty of birds to see enjoying so many fabulous feasts, there really will be something to please everyone.

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