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General Interest: AX MEN - GRD2520

AX MEN - GRD2520

The Ax Men are reeling from the news of upcoming layoffs. A couple of hours from civilisation Gustafson Logging tries to get back on track on the Challenge site, whilst discovering the site is aptly named. Browning races to meet a big deadline. Pihl Logging is now under the gun – to finish their Pig Farm job, and to find more work. Stump Branch have caught a lucky break and are potentially heading into their most successful season yet when they score their biggest contract ever, but will Melvin’s old equipment let them down?

In the Browning crew it’s time for jesse to prove himself as the hook tender and the pressure is on, facing Dad Jay at the end of an unproductive day is a daunting prospect. After a week of watching the money slip from his fingers Melvin at Stump Branch has finally got the parts in to fix his machines and is in with a fighting chance again. Over at Pig Farm Pihl crew are facing a tricky challenge, but father passes on knowledge to son and Dustin finds himself climbing a 95 foot tree to fell the top of it.

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