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New Age | Relaxation: AROMATHERAPY - GUDVD5529


AROMATHERAPY is fast becoming one of the most popular complementary therapies available to combat the stresses and strains of modern life and although every high street shop selling beauty products has a range of merchandise labelled “AROMATHERAPY”, there is a lot more to this subject than scented bubble bath or fragranced candles.

Victoria Sprigg is a holistic therapist trained in AROMATHERAPY who uses essential oils to treat many of her clients. Some oils are well known such as Lavender, Rose, Tea Tree and Rosemary but there are numerous other oils, with an amazing variety of healing properties, useful for easing both physical and psychological conditions. Join Victoria in her consulting room, looking after every aspect of family health care, including a guide to the most commonly available essential oils. Also discover the various ways that AROMATHERAPY can be applied ranging from bath oils and lotions right through to vaporisers, massages and compresses for aching joints.

The benefits of AROMATHERAPY are well documented and what’s more the treatments are extremely pleasant with mo nasty side effects. This programme is an ideal guide for anyone who would like to give AROMATHERAPY a try, encouraging both relaxation and a refreshingly balanced approach to life in the 21st Century.

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