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New Age | Relaxation: AROMATHERAPY - 82550

Whether we realise it or not, Aromatherapy is ver much a part of our everyday lives. From the smells of freshly brewed coffee and newly baked bread to the bracing sea air or freshly mown grass, the sense of well being that these aromas evoke can be quite remarkable. Walk into any chemist's shop and you'll find all manner of products based upon this principle, ranging from Lavender bath oils to Tea-Tree shampoo and potpourri of every fragrance imaginable, including sea-breeze.

If you've ever wanted to discover more about Aromatherapy, this programme is definately for you. With the help of our very experienced Aromatherapist, a range of the most popular essential oils are explained and the best ways in which to use them. There's also a detailed demonstration of Aromatherapy massage in action, with plenty of top tips if you want to try it out for yourself. As an aid to relaxation in our hectic 21st Century lives, Aromatherapy has a very valid place, and should you only get as far as filling you house with scented candles and potpourri after watching this programme, you'll still be able to appreciate the life enhancing qualities of this wonderful therapy.

Run Time: 55 minutes

Our Price:$11.20